When cutting and pasting content, move the content and update sources rather than copying

01-12-2023 10:35 AM
Status: Open
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Let's say I have Feature Dataset A inside Geodatabase A. I have a map in my project that uses feature classes from Feature Dataset A. If I rename Feature Dataset A to Feature Dataset B from the catalog view, the layers in the map take note of the new name, so to speak - the information in Layer Properties > Source reflects the new name. Fine and dandy.

However, if I cut Feature Dataset A and paste it inside a Geodatabase B, something unexpected happens. Even though I selected cut, upon pasting, it behaves like a copy, and the layers in my map within the open project do not update. They still show the path to Geodatabase A > Feature Dataset A, and in fact, this still exists. The cut did not cut, it copied with no warning.

I propose making the cut functionality actually cut, and updating layers in any maps within the open project accordingly -- to the new source location. This is the outcome I expect from the cut command; if I wanted the outcome it currently produces, I would use copy.

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The same thing happens when cutting a model from one toolbox and pasting in another -- it acts like copy.