When creating a new .gdb in the project home folder, add it to the project's database connections

01-12-2023 09:56 AM
Status: Open
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If I create a geodatabase inside the project's home folder, it strangely doesn't get added to the list of databases under Project > Databases, requiring a few extra clicks to get it there. It would make more sense if databases created in my project folder were added to the project automatically.


This is such a good and useful idea.


I could see supporting this if it were an option and offered per project, and not as a general option, or better yet, ask the user if they want to add it to the project after it's created. I often create geodatabases (both file and enterprise) in my project folder, but in the interest of keeping my project streamlined, I like to pick and choose which database connections I have available in the project database folder. Sometimes my geodatabases will be scratch or temporary, or from 3rd party vendors, and I don't want them displayed in my project, but I do want them stored in my project, where I can add them if/when I need them.

Having said that, I could see a use case for some projects where it would be nice to have the option to add a geodatabase upon creation.