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05-19-2022 03:56 PM
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Recently, while I was working on a project that involves delineating tree crowns of individual trees within provenance trials in large plots of area. I noticed how difficult it is to keep track of the areas that were viewed/validated while swathing around the geospatial data to check for inaccuracies from the supervised classification of delineating tree crowns. This observation lead me to think that a parameter/function similar to view extent or map frame for the "map" environment and how that parameter/function would enrich ArcGIS Pro experience of working with large geospatial data. Specifically, this parameter/function will provide a sense of knowing/accounting for the areas that has been viewed/observed/edited/validated while working with/exploring large geospatial data. 

I envision a parameter/function, located within one of the ribbons (preferably Map ribbon), that will pop up a box (similar to map frame), somewhere on one of the corners of within the "map" environment (as seen in the figure below; preferably you should be able to specify which corner this box should pop up to), that displays the full extent of a selected geospatial data. Additionally, there would be a smaller box within the aforementioned box that displays the local extent of the area (i.e. zoomed in area within the full extent). 

The figures underneath this text is a rudimentary drawing of ArcGIS Pro "map" environment, four orange box indicates the potential locations that you can set this parameter/function to pop up on. 

The figure underneath this text is a rudimentary gif of the drawing of the ArcGIS Pro "map" environment, as you move (or explore) the geospatial data (in this case, moving towards right side) the local extent, within the full extent, moves along with your movement.

If you look at the rudimentary gif that I've attached above, the orange box shows the full extent of the selected (or in this case) "treetop_locations.tif" geospatial data, while the red box shows the local extent (from my gif, the area that I see on the "map" environment/ the area that is zoomed in within the "treetop_locations.tif") within the full extent; the red box ought to be linked with what you see on the "map" environment (red box movement corresponding to the navigation/explore movement). 

I am aware that this parameter/ function might increase the system load for the computer while using ArcGIS Pro, which is why I think this feature must be activated to use. 


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You could create a layout that includes 2 map frames - one main map for doing your data review and edits, and an inset map in the corner with an extent rectangle added to show the extent of the main map. Then activate the main map frame so you can navigate and perform your edits right from the layout view. The extent rectangle will update in the inset map as you pan the main map.