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02-02-2023 10:51 AM
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It is inefficient to search for an item in the drop down list when you have more than 10 lines in a domain.

It would be great to be able to filter between 10 variants when typing is started.

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Thanks for the Idea, @FabioLuiz2 

Could you help me understand a little more what you mean?

When selecting a domain value in an attribute field, users are able to type to bring themselves to the desired domain value. Domain values are then displayed according to their similarity to the typed input and the vertical slider remains in the dropdown, allowing access to the full set of domain values.

Is your Idea to remove the vertical slider and only display 10 domains when typing to search for a domain value?


Olá @SSWoodward !

Thanks for the question.

When I have a list with a lot of names and I don't know how it's stored in the domain, I'll intuitively start typing. ArcGIS Pro currently selects the line based on the first letter entered, for example:
I type "D" and items with that letter are displayed:

- Distrito Industrial
- Distrito Comercial


But imagine I'm searching for "Industrial" and I get:

- Ibirapuera Paulista
- Island
- Insular East


When the ideal would be for me to start typing "ind..." and the list of my domain is filtered a few suggestions:

- Industrial park
- Vila Industrial Augusta
- Industrial District


This would make choosing fill/change tasks much easier.

This solution is common Excel, Access or as the Filter component of Experience Builder.


I'm sorry I couldn't be clear. I'm using a Portuguese-Brazilian > American English translator.


Thank you for the clarification.

It sounds like what you are asking for then, is a comprehensive search option in the domain values dropdown, where typing in "Ind" wont just jump to values that start with 'Ind', like 'Industrial', but create a list of domain values that contain the string "Ind" anywhere within them.

Is that correct?





Status changed to: Under Consideration