Search bar for field/column selection

11-30-2023 12:23 PM
Status: Open
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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Currently in Pro 3.1 if I have to do field based symbology, I have to select the column via drop down menu. I would like to request to add a search bar besides the drop down menu. A search bar can help in filtering the columns and also in quickly selecting a column in case there are a lot of columns. Like if the dataset has lots of columns then your mind kinda gets lost searching for the column through the long list drop down menu.

I would also recommend adding a similar field/column search bar in fields view, labeling class properties and the calculate field tool. Basically any tool/feature that allows field selection function should have the search bar functionality. 

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Worth noting: This feature already exists throughout the AGOL interfaces.  Some feature parity for ArcGIS Pro to the same would be great and would cut down on my constant sense of "Wait, wrong program.  I have to use this other approach to do this."