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Is a non-Windows version of Pro on the cards?

4 weeks ago
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With the diversity of processing units, operating systems, network based storage, software defined networking  & other contemporary IT, it makes sense in some circumstances to not use Microsoft Windows as the core operating system when seeking the best performance.  
It would be good if Esri could publish a roadmap for non-Windows based versions of Pro.

Please do not just close this idea - I know it has been floating around for a while but formalizing it and being prepared for it when necessary is better than waiting another 9 years once ARCGIS Next is released.



Hi, if you follow the tread of Mac version, you will see that ESRI won't go that way anytime soon.  The tread clearly point out any Pro version other than window intel.

Like I said before, in a few years, when arm windows will make a big share of windows market share, they will probably make a compilation of Pro for it.  For now, since the industry is mainly on intel, they stick to it.

As for other operating system, good lock.  I can't see the day where the will leave the choice to the user.  Pro is to windows centric.


Based on the recent previews of Arm/Snapdragon devices Esri would be hypocritical to not get onto that platform soon.
The proposed performance vs power use improvements are significant (based on sample devices from HP in the media) and you can't be seen to talk about the environment yet push GPU-heavy UI development and traditional high-power-use devices only.