Display all known BUGS and their status online for ESRI users to view

02-10-2022 09:59 AM
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There have been multiple occasions where I have come across issues in ArcGIS Pro and other ESRI products and searched for relevant documentation or solutions, but with no useful results. After subsequently posting in the Community or contacting Technical Support, these are sometimes known BUGS, with no public information on them. Valuable time is repeatedly wasted by users searching for issues they come across that are known to be BUGS by ESRI, but with no or limited information publicly available - leaving users in the dark. Similarly the time of ESRI staff in the Community and via Technical Support must regularly get wasted responding to the same issues being raised. 

I propose that it would be useful for users and ESRI staff alike to make details of all BUGS available publicly to ESRI product users so that less time is wasted searching for error solutions. updates or information.

As an example, today I came across an issue with Select Layer By Attributes in ModelBuilder when using Scheduled Tasks. This is a known BUG (BUG-000131693), but with no public information about it. Only by posting in the community and getting a response from an ESRI staff member was it possible to get some information. It would have been much easier if googling the issue came up with the BUG details.

List bugs related to the geoprocessing commands at the bottom of the online ArcGIS help.  If something doesn't work then when why not acknowledge it?  I can't tell you how many staff DAYS I've wasted since 8.3 trying to do things that don't work only to find out later that there is a known bug!

There was on geoprocessing method in 9.1 that NEVER worked.  The 9.1 online help should have mentioned this so myself and others wouldn't waste our time trying to make it work.
I love this suggestion! Sometimes we struggle with things too long, blaming ourselves, only to eventually find a known bug at the heart of the issue.

You can search on support.esri.com and filter on 'Bugs' if you're running into something with a specific tool:

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Hi @DataOfficer sorry that you encountered a bug. It is possible to search on support.esri.com when you feel you may be encountering a bug:


Filter by content type:




Hi both,

Thank you for the quick responses and directing me to that resource. I was not aware of this. I must have been searching the wrong part of the ESRI website.

Are these indexed and searchable via search engines also? They don't seem to appear in Google searches.

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Reopened here with specific enhancements in mind.


Just to add as well that support.esri.com does not appear to display all known bugs (e.g. BUG-000145126).


@KoryKramer, "searching" is just one form of making information available.  I think what the OP is after is more than just searching, having the ability to browse too.  The shortcoming with searching is that it depends on the people who logged the bug and the people searching for the defect to have the same terminology, which often times isn't the case. 


@DataOfficer it looks like that bug was incorrectly flagged as a bug in a beta version of the software. In general, bugs against beta versions are not published. There can be legitimate reasons to not make all bugs public (think security) but in general we try to make known issues public to help users self-serve through the Support site.

If you do find an issue on support.esri.com that is affecting you, I encourage you to use the Subscribe button which sets you up for notifications on that issue, but also importantly increments the count of affected users in our backend systems that development teams use to help prioritize issues.

We'll take into consideration the suggestions provided on this thread as well as the other to see if we can improve discoverability of known issues.