Disable or move the "templates not listed" notice, or somehow stop the templates from jumping around so much!

10-25-2022 08:47 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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This is a minor issue, but one that happens often enough, and is quite irritating. It goes like this:

  1. I open the Create Features pane.
  2. I think that I click on the template I need.
  3. The "Click here to see templates not listed" notice shows up, pushing the entire templates gallery down
  4. My click is at this point registered, so what I thought was a click on a template invariably ends up being a click on the layer header, not the template
  5. The layer header collapses the template group
  6. After the list of templates changes, that notice goes away, shifting everything up
  7. I think click on the layer header to expand it again
  8. The "Click here to see templates not listed" notice shows up again, once more shifting everything down
  9. My click is registered on the template above the layer heading I wanted


The main problem here seems to be that this message goes away and comes back any time the gallery changes, causing the items in the pane to jump around. And for whatever reason, your click only "counts" after the message appears, so if you're a little quick on the draw, you end up clicking the wrong things all the time. And I don't like it when the solution is, essentially, "work slower".

As I said, minor, but seriously annoying.

Suggested solutions:

  1. Let me check a box that says "don't show this again", or else give me the ability to turn the message off entirely.
  2. Put the message at the bottom of the pane so that my contents aren't constantly jumping around
  3. Leave a static space for this message, similarly preventing the contents form shifting



Perhaps this is fixed in Pro 3.x already, but I'm stuck on 2.9.x at the moment. I'd love to hear that this issue is already addressed!

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I second this. When trying to digitize thousands of features by hand, having the whole list of templates shift down and causing me to click on the template header is incredibly annoying, not to mention seeing it constantly shifting in my peripherals.

I like @jcarlson 's suggestions. 2 is the better solution in my opinion. If the message must absolutely be at the top, then being able to disable the message like in 1 could be great for the duration of a session, or instead of having a blank space like in 3 there could be a message to the effect of "All templates currently displayed".