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Attribute Table — Select duplicates button

06-16-2024 03:53 PM
Status: Open
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Edited; removed FGDB-specifics in title since I already have an idea for that.

In the Attribute Table:

Could a could button be added for selecting rows where a specified field has duplicates? For example, select rows where the ASSET_ID field is duplicated.

Similar to the functionality this SQL expression provides, except this expression doesn't work for file geodatabases: ERROR 000358: Invalid expression:

asset_id in (select asset_id from sidewalks group by asset_id having count(*) > 1)  

So, I imagine the functionality would need to be ArcObjects behind the scenes, not SQL.

I'm aware of the Find Identical tool. That tool exports a new dataset. I want to dynamically select in my existing dataset.

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