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02-13-2018 08:43 AM
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When I am creating a map in ArcGIS Pro, many times the default legend labels are not intuitive. In the picture below, you can see the labels default to <= 5 and <=10, which can cause confusion, because technically 3 would fit in the <= 10 category when in reality it would always be in the <=5 category.


A more intuitive approach would be like I've shown, having the default set to the range of values included. And in the last slot it could say "or greater" or "or higher," although I understand if that's not a common enough need. 


It seems to me like there's no reason to have the default set to what it currently is, since I've always learned that good map making should always consider the reader first. I hope this change will be implemented in a future release.

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Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7. See


Any word yet on if this will ever be implemented? Just upgraded to 2.5 and it is still not an option.  Just had yet another client ask for ranges (e.g. 0-100) instead of "≤" (e.g. ≤100) for legends. It is very frustrating to keep having to make these legend fixes manually.


Thanks for the latest (frustrating) update.


I keep having clients ask for it as that is what they received when I used ArcMap.  Hopefully enough people will ask for this, it can be added to a new release.


This really makes me missed Arc Map because the simple things like what we speaking about now becomes time consuming and tedious work. I don't know understand why a range for values is not set as the default. This is ridiculous. 


A million times yes! It's terrible design for a LEGEND, of all things. The most important thing on a map.

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7!

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@KoryKramer I really can't see how this is intuitive. Try labeling a legend where the values diverge around zero! The negative values are a mess and not only look awful, it is far less intuitive than the old way. 

Please at least give us the option to choose either labeling style. I thought the ≤ labels were a brilliant design change. Is there any way I can reset this to the old format?

I now have to edit the legend labels manually in my template maps. For a job that used to take me 1-2 hours to output 10 maps, now takes an entire day or more. 







Hi @JoshLeyshon 

We didn't declare this intuitive; that is how the idea was posted.  The way that symbol classes were labeled in ArcGIS Pro was different than how it had been done in ArcMap, and there was enough feedback through this idea that it caused us to change it to match how it was done in ArcMap.

I understand your comment, but to make this actionable, please submit your idea to "give us the option to choose either labeling style. I thought the ≤ labels were a brilliant design change."

Thank you