Allow metadata editing to create tables in Usage section

12-18-2022 04:07 AM
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Historically ArcMap\ArcCatalog provided a great interface for recording metadata and ArcGIS Pro continues this tradition. ArcGIS Pro  provides a toolbar for simple formatting when providing content in the Usage section.

Toolbar offering simple formatting choices.Toolbar offering simple formatting choices.

Often when I am entering text into the Usage section I feel that what I want to show is best shown in a simple table format. It would be great if this toolbar could include an "insert table" button allowing me populate the Usage section information formatted into a simple table.  I don't think it needs to be the bewildering choice of formatting that MS Word offers up, just a bare bone table something like this:

Bare bones tableBare bones table




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Merged from a separate idea.

I want to track all dependencies my organization has on a given FC — via a list of dependencies in the FC metadata.

For example, track these columns in a "table"/grid in a section in the metadata:

  • Dependency Name
  • Date (automatically populated)
  • Entered By (automatically populated)

In this case, I consider a "dependency" to be something that is hardcoded to domain values in a column of the FC. Examples of dependencies include:

  1. ArcGIS Pro maps: definition queries, symbology, labels, display queries, other?
  2. Web Maps: AGOL and Portal; Field Maps app
  3. Integrations and data translation tables
  4. Database views and .SQL files
  5. Layer files
  6. Names of GIS initiatives that are built on the FC
  7. ODBC queries in MS Access and Excel
  8. More


Use Case:

A stakeholder requested the following: “In layer x, can we split TYPE=CROSSWALK into two separate domain values: CROSSWALK and TRAIL CROSSING OVER ROAD?”

My answer was essentially: “No, there are too many dependencies (known and unknown).”

All existing references to CROSSWALK would need to be updated/split out into CROSSWALK and TRAIL CROSSING OVER ROAD. That would be too difficult to implement. Unfortunately, we've created an unmaintainable monster of dependencies. So we can't justify the work involved to make the change at this time.

With that said, it doesn't need to be that way. If we had a centralized list of dependencies that users could easily find and update, then we wouldn't be in this predicament. We'd be able to refer to the dependency list and update all hardcoded mechanisms as needed, reducing risk and making the request more manageable.


@Bud I understand that you're asking for more than seeing where a domain is used, but for that use case specifically, have you used the Domain Usage functionality: Maybe that would help.

As for the larger idea, there are similar existing ideas here:

What maps are associated with this shapefile/geodatabase?

ArcGIS Pro: Catalog View See All "Associated Maps" in Layouts

Pro Feature Request: Project-Level Data Connections Report

It seems that your idea potentially fits into these other requests. Could you please review those ideas and let us know if they get at what you're asking for? If not, what specifically makes your idea distinct? Thank you!


Thanks Kory.

I basically want to add a spreadsheet-like table/grid as a section in the metadata. And manually enter a list of dependencies into it. It would be ideal if there could be editor tracking of sorts within the list -- for each entry, automatically enter the date and user.

It could be thought of as a sort of dependency log or a FC usage log.

I figure, metadata would be an ideal place to store such information. If a user has access to the FC, then they'd have access to the metadata too, rather than needing to hunt down a spreadsheet on the network somewhere (and deal with file locks and privileges). In other words, metadata is the perfect place to inform users how and where a FC is used -- aka a list of dependencies.



@KoryKramer I mocked up an example:





@KoryKramer Yes, I believe so, but with the addition of automatic editor tracking.

It needs to be easy to use. I.e., easy to add rows and columns.


Hello @Bud , 

I have merged your idea with this idea, mentioned by you and Kory above. Your idea text and the comments are now attached here, but please add a kudo to this idea to make sure your vote is counted. 

Thank you!