Ability to calculate field on highlighted records only (yellow selection in attribute table) while retaining the original selection

02-09-2023 06:50 AM
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I would like the ability to calculate a field for highlighted records in the attribute table (those selected in yellow). I understand you can click the "Reselect" button on the attribute table toolbar to reselect the records and then calculate the field on those newly reselected records, but it would be nice to be able to retain my original selection and only calculate the highlighted records (yellow selection).


When in the table view we currently have the ability to export all the records, or just the selected records. 

Please consider the following:

  • Add the ability to export highlighted records from the table view (The ones in yellow in table view)
  • Add the ability to export highlighted features from the map view

Thank You!

Status changed to: Closed

@CalebGarrett I like the idea, but this one will not be possible.  Have you tried using Selection Layers to accomplish this?
Doc: https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/mapping/layer-properties/selection-layers.htm
Some Geoprocessing tools honor a selection flag in the data as it is being processed.  The Yellow selection is not distingushable to our tools.

But if you make a selection layer, the current selection becomes a layer and you can make selections from it which our tools will honor.


@JonathanNeal some friendly feedback:

In my opinion, I don't think this question should have been closed, considering it was only posted 3 hours ago. I think it would be better to let the dust settle for a couple of days and let the community weigh in on it.

And if an idea like this one gets traction, then Esri should consider the possibility of implementing it. For example, maybe not all GP tools would need to honor yellow highlighted rows, maybe only the Field Calculator would honor those rows, if the user specifies that’s what they want in the Field Calculator tool.

I think folks like @KoryKramer tend to keep an idea open if it is reasonable and clear, which this one seems to be. (It got three votes in three hours, which suggests people are quite interested in this functionality.) For cases like this, could you consider taking a more gradual/open approach?


@Bud Thanks for your support.

@JonathanNeal I thought the whole point of ArcGIS Ideas was to present ideas to the community for feedback and consideration. Closing an idea within 3 hours of posting isn't a good way to encourage others to present their ideas as well.


@JonathanNeal I would also like to add, of course the Yellow selection isn't distinguishable by your tools. If it were I wouldn't have posted the idea. That's what makes it an idea (request to add functionality to your existing software)...


@CalebGarrett @Bud I am not trying to discourage your ideas.  It is a good idea; and follows an intuative worflow.  Following up with the community in collaboration is what this site is about.  Note, that I do bring this forward for discussions for the team to review, so we can all understand the challenges.


@JonathanNeal I bet you I don't waste time posting ideas on this site anymore. I'm with @Bud on this one. The least you could've done was let the dust settle before closing.


@CalebGarrettyes, they quash sensible, well-supported ideas without justification all the time. It's certainly a slap in the face to users who are just trying to make their "class-leading" software live up to expectations.

Status changed to: Open

Hey all,

Sorry for the miscommunication on this one - we discussed this internally and there are some outstanding questions on the technical feasibility that will continue to be discussed on our side. We'll re-open the idea for now until we have a more solid understanding of feasibility. If it's feasible we can leave the idea open for the community to kudo - then it comes down to prioritizing against all other user requests balancing demand vs. level of effort vs. value add, and so on. 

But we hear you. 


@KoryKramer Thank you for re-opening after further discussion. @Bud suggested I edit the post to use the word "highlighted" instead of "reselected" to clarify the idea. I agree that is a better word choice and have edited the post as suggested.