3D indicator map

12-11-2023 05:30 AM
Status: Open
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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Hello and happy Monday, so the other day I thought of using a 3D map as an indicator map in layout view. And to my surprise Pro only supports 2D maps as an indicator map. Please add this functionality to Pro similar to how we have it in Story Maps.




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by Anonymous User

I frequently use Location Diagrams in my projects, currently they're a standard map frame projected as "The_World_From_Space" and I need to manually set the Lat/Long point of focus in the projection.

If I were able to place an extent indicator on a Scene (of a 2D map frame), this would eliminate the need to alter the projection for each new area I'm working in.

Please add the ability to have extent indicators on Scenes, for a fully dynamic and automated surround on products this would be key.