ArcGIS Pro 1.4.1 Available

02-08-2017 11:42 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 1.4.1 was released today. This is a patch update to the Pro 1.4 release.  Review the release notes for more information on the issues addressed in this update. Check out this blog post on how to apply ArcGIS Pro software updates.


No new functionality is included with this patch update. Therefore, you can expect the following items to work seamlessly between 1.4 (1.4.0) and 1.4.1:

  • Project files, project templates, and project packages (.aprx, .aptx, and .ppkx)
  • Layer files and layer packages (.lyrx and .lpkx)
  • Layout files (.pagx)
  • Map files and map packages (.mapx and .mpkx)
  • Task files (.esriTask)
  • Custom functionality built using the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET
  • Custom tools built using geoprocessing or the ArcGIS Pro ArcPy site package
  • Packaging, publishing, and sharing (for example, publishing web maps to ArcGIS Online)

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That was quick! Though, I am happy to see that Pro is getting a lot of attention. Here's to 1.4.2!!  

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Hi Rob,

I am having issues updating/patching my ArcGIS Pro 1.4 to 1.4.1.  Could be some policy in our system or something else that is preventing ArcGIS Pro Update from within the software.

So I thought of downloading instead the patch file instead.

Is there a patch file similar to ArcGIS Desktops that we can run to install the patch.  Been looking for that I somehow I can not seem to find it :(   ..should be pretty straight forward.  Doing a search in ESRIs Support page ( arcgis-pro , anytime ) , yield nothing ( and Updates )

Thanks Rob.

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Make sure you have pro set to check for updates from the Project page

Then check your 'org' for 'downloads'

Then go into the download link and the patch should be there if you have to manually download it.

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Thanks Dan for your reply.

Sorry my earlier question was not clear.  I have done that and it was pretty straightforward but I am getting an error downloading the update.  Perhaps the fact that I have not connected my organization in My Esri is the reason why I am getting error downloading the update from with Pro.  Could be some Domain Policy in our network that is preventing Pro.  Did try to look for any proxy settings similar to ArcCatalogue.  So I thought of offline update, i.e. by downloading standalone patch file.

Anyway, I just recently send a request for such.

Does that  I mean that goes for the patch file too ? .. I mean for me to have access to the patch file , I have to have My Esri connected to an organization ?


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I have the same problem. When trying to upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 I received the following errors:


I convinced our administrator to manually download 1.4 and installed that. But when I try to upgrade to 1.4.1, I get the same error. Customer Service at ESRI said that sometimes it doesn't work to upgrade via the software and you have to do it manually.

I should point out that I'm attempting this on a brand new workstation (Windows 7 Enterprise) with no other software installed except Desktop 10.5.

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check your 'Licensing options' when you start up and before you open a project.

Make sure initially you are set up as a "Named user" and connecting to the appropriate spot (ie ArcGIS online's organization or your portal) and make sure initially than you have 'can work offline' unchecked.  I had one H of a time when the 1.4.1 upgrade came through since I think it coincided with the change in how you access Pro

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Thanks for the tip but I'm not a "named user". The company has 100 licenses for Concurrent Use. Only two Admin-geeks have the authority to download the software and/or upgrades from MyESRI. I'm logged into AG-online via my personal account. 

The strange thing is that I have, in the past, successfully upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 from within the program. But not anymore...

In any case, I made the mistake of installing Erdas 2016 and now ArcGIS Pro doesn't launch anymore. 

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Hi Dan,

I am also using Concurrent Use License ( Advanced  - Version ).  I am connected/signed with our Portal ( 10.5 ) as Administrator.

Does Certificates maybe an issue ?  This from time to time keeps on popping out, although you have installed successfully it still persists.  Does it need a Domain certificate then ?  Haven't gotten one :


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Has this patch been removed? I'm still getting notification that an update is available every time I open Pro. Problem is the link to the patch doesn't work.

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You can also download the patch via My Esri.