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09-21-2023 01:12 AM
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I would like to seek assistance in encoding the correct ArcGIS Arcade code for the dynamic indicator we are trying to achieve in a dashboard. A user is particularly interested to show how an indicator be able to dynamically show daily average of incidents. This means that the total count of incidents that will be yielded from the date range filter element will be divided by the total number of days which will depend on the chosen date range element. 

There is a column named Date Time which follows this date format 05/01/2023 1:04 AM.

Any input would be of great help, thanks in advance. 

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So, you could probably do this with a properly configured reference value. The indicator value should be the count of incidents, and the reference value should be set to the count of unique days.

Setting your Indicator to enable Advanced Formatting, you can then return the value divided by the reference. Then make sure that both the value and reference are filtered by the date selector.

This requires you to manipulate the data, however. You'd need to create a Data Expression in order to strip the time values out, otherwise the count will be off.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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