Parcel Fabric 2Torial - Export Sequenced Parcel Features

03-24-2023 03:38 PM
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Hello Parcel Editors,

Here's a 2torial (a two minute tutorial) on a new GeoProcessing Tool in ArcGIS Pro 3.1; Export Sequenced Parcel Features.  This tool allows you to select a single parcel in the fabric and export that parcel and all of it's features to a separate dataset.  You will get the parcel polygon, all the parcel lines, points, connection lines, record geometry, and any other relationships maintained by that parcel.  The lines and points will also be sequenced in a clockwise fashion.  See how to use the tool below!

Stay tuned for another 2torial where you will see how to create a simple Title Map utilizing Layouts and this new geoprocessing tool. 

Here are some helpful links with more information on this geoprocessing tool:


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