Traverse Call Lines

11-28-2023 12:55 PM
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Is there a way to get the call lines back?

I traversed a parcel and prior to saving I moved to a different tab (Create Features) then came back to the Modify Features tab and my call lines were gone. I now know (lol) to save my traverse as soon as I finish, but is there a way to recall the call lines in the traverse just created?  

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Do you mean the lines in the Traverse tab, or the actual linear features themselves?

The traverse tab does have a "trace" button. Click on the first line in your traverse and trace all the way to the end and click again, and the tool should correctly pick your traverse back up where you left it.

This assumes you're traversing linear features that are COGO-enabled, of course.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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