Have an SDK function CopyLineFeaturesToConnectionLine to copy lines to ConnectionLine feature class.

11-26-2021 06:27 AM
Status: Open
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Good day,

When you need to create a "open parcel", you need to send all the lines to the ConnectionLine instead of the parcel type. It would be nice to have a function that would help us.

This would be similar to CopyLineFeaturesToParcelType, but without the polygon layer.

It seems that CopyLineFeaturesToParcelType does some clean up when copying the lines. It would be nice to have the same behavior when doing a CopyLineFeaturesToConnectionLine...
For example, the CopyLineFeaturesToParcelType doesn't seem to copy lines that have zero length. 

The only extra parameter I would had is if the copied lines should be "broken" in each segments or not.



Hi Pascal,

If I understand your request correctly, this is already available using the standard editing API. Connection lines are standard features in a standard feature class. The SDK is not as specialized as it is for the ArcMap fabric, and so this gives developers a lot more access to edit the Pro fabric's feature classes.

I can help with sample code but before I start working on that have you looked at the sdk documentation for editing concepts and editing snippets?




Good day Tim,

I am aware of the standard editing API. You must be doing some "QC" on the lines when you are copying using CopyLineFeaturesToParcelTypes.

You must have some rules. What are they? We don't know them when we use the standard API.

If you had a CopyLineFeaturesToConnectionLine, you would probably apply these same rules.
That is the reason why we should maybe have a function CopyLineFeaturesToConnectionLine.

If you create such a function, the only extra parameter I would add would be to break the lines in each segments.

Thank you,


Hi Pascal,

CopyLineFeaturesToParcelType does extra things that do not apply to connection lines. For example, it will look for closed loops and create a seeds for the closed loops that it finds. Such behavior is not needed for connection lines. But these are not hidden rules, they are documented in the parcel API SDK.

As for connection lines, one coding rule I can think of is to make sure you have an Active Record when you write the new connection line feature so that it goes to the correct record, but this is also documented and is not only a coding rule; it applies also when using the editing tools. All rules should be documented. If there’s missing information, then it’s important that we make sure it’s documented for everyone.

If you mean geometry / topology related rules, these are available to everyone via the properties of the topology that is used with the fabric.
Since you're aware of the editing API, I presume that you have written code that creates connection lines, but you believe that these are not the correct result, or else you believe that there was too much code to write? Can you be more specific about what you're encountering so that we can understand your request better?