Web App Filter displaying values that were edited from hosted feature layer

03-28-2023 10:10 AM
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I created a Survey 123 form to create a list of locations that are then stored in a hosted feature layer in AGOL. I created a web map using this hosted feature layer and then also created an Instant App that references the web map. One of the fields in my hosted feature layer (say "Color") went from having 3 different values (i.e. red, green, blue) down to 2 (i.e red, green) after editing the data in the hosted feature layer. The Instant App has a user input filter where you can filter the results by the "Color" field but after editing the data to get rid of the "blue" values the filter still shows the options to filter by all 3 values even though "blue" doesn't appear as a value in that field anymore... Why is the filter still recognizing "blue" as a value even though it appears nowhere in the "Color" field anymore and how can I get the filter to quit displaying that as a choice? 

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Hi @DylanCummings28

Its hard to say why this is happening without seeing the layer. Is it possible that the Field has a domain / list of values that contains all 3 values? If so you may need to remove the 'blue' value from that list in order to remove it from the Filter. You can do that in the Item Details page > Data Tab.

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