View parent feature of table record in Map viewer

11-27-2023 11:39 AM
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When I open the table for a table layer I can't tell which parent feature belongs to each record



How can I select this record highlighted above? How can I see it's parent record or even the attached photos?

I have configured the popup for this table layer to show the related parent feature. However, I can't figure out how to show the popup for table records within map viewer. Can you see the popup for table records?


Above it the Example popup seen while creating the popup. This shows that a popup would allow for viewing the parent record.



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@DavinShokes1 - You are right the pop-ups are not initiated when you select the table record. In fact, you cannot even "select" the table record.

Couple of way to solve the problem you are having.
If you are doing this one-off maybe solution 2 will be best suited. 

1) Add a calculated field to the child record that pulls the ID of the parent record. That way every time you create a child record it will stamp the ID of the parent record in there. 
You can use the Parent ID to search for the Feature. 

You'd use a FeatureSetByRelationship function.
An example - This returns the VegetationID attribute from the Vegetation Layer

var relatedrecords = FeatureSetByRelationshipName($feature, "Vegetation")
var cnt = Count(relatedrecords)
if (cnt > 0){ var info = First(relatedrecords)
  relatedinfo = info.VegetationID
return relatedinfo;




2) You could also simply create a joined view to see the Parent attributes


Follow the steps in the Wizard to get a joined view. 
You can join the layer to the table the result of which will be a table with attributes from parent layer. 


You could also do it the other way to join the table to the Layer. This will retain the spatial component and allow you to zoom/pan to the map. 


3) Create ExB app and use data actions to select the Parent object when you select the child record in the Query Widget or Search Widget.
More details here -

Hope these help 🙂




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Thanks for these suggestions. They may be good workarounds until tables get better functionality in the map viewer.

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