Using greater-than ">" and less-than "<" values in a feature table

04-18-2024 04:03 AM
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Using "<" and ">" values in features

Hi - I have built a process for managing Bathing Water quality monitoring that starts with seawater sample collection using Survey123, is added to in Experience Builder before displaying on a live website. Part of the data is determining the levels of E Coli in the waters either from wildlife or other sources of pollution. 

levels for Escherichia coli and Intestinal enterococci are are measured in units of cfu/100ml however the lowest resolution values possible are <10  and < 3 cfu/100ml. These values are determined through cultivation in an analysts laboratory over 48 hours. For practical purposes values of "<3" or "3" can be treated the same as water quality is considered good as long as values are under 250 Escherichia coli per 100ml or 100 Intestinal enterococci per 100ml​ by European standard. Unfortunately the analyst is insistent that a value of “<3” is different than a value of 3 and of course he is correct.

The analyst is entering these values using the "Edit Widget" in Experience Builder and the only options I have found for entering "<" values are either to have a field type that is "text" however is then difficult to symbolise or to have 2 fields, 1 containing the "<" symbol or " " (space), and a second field for the actual value as shown in the screenshot below. 


How are others handling "<" and ">" values in their feature tables?

David Tipping


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