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Using ArcGIS Connector in Power Apps to Display Table Data in Gallery

a month ago
New Contributor


I am having issues trying to utilize the ArcGIS Connector in Power Apps to display a table from Arc Online in a Power Apps gallery. Does anyone know of existing documentation or the correct syntax to utilize the connector with a gallery in the government environment of Power Apps?

Our Situation:

We are attempting to connect to a table located within a layer hosted by my organization. We are currently running a Power Automate flow to upload a PDF file to Azure blob storage and create a record in the aforementioned table. The flow works as expected and we would now like to access the table data in Power Apps so we are easily able to update/delete the existing record utilizing another flow. 

I currently have a workaround that edits an Excel table to mimic the table in Arc Online utilizing the flows, but this is not an ideal long-term solution. From everything I have found so far, I should be able to directly reference the table in the gallery using the ArcGIS connector but I keep getting the error "Expected table value."

Any help with this issue would be great.


Thank you,

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