User inputs for AGOL Notebooks?

09-22-2023 01:30 PM
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Very newbie question. I have created a notebook in AGOL that will create views and set a definition query for all layers in a service. It works, but it must be opened and the name of the service entered. Is it possible to set up a notebook so it can be run like a tool with an input window that works like parameters in models or script tools? 

If this can be done, I'd appreciate just being pointed towards documentation, or just given some ideas about how to begin the process. Don't need to much hand-holding once I know how to get started. I have searched and not found much, so this might not be how these are intended to be used...

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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you can accomplish this with a combination of jupyter widgets and hiding code blocks

 Jupyter Widgets — Jupyter Widgets 8.1.1 documentation (

Hide or remove content (

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Thanks! I will take a look.

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