Use a Feature Layer Drawing UniqueValueInfo in the MapViewer as Label

10-05-2022 08:24 AM
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The Feature Layer Corine Land Cover 2018 vector,  published by European Environment Agency (EEA), in the Drawing Info, Render, UniqueValuesInfo, Label, exposes a Label text value, describing each of the Unique values codes.

Is it possible to use this values as labels in ArcGIS Online Map Viewers? Maybe is possible using Arcade? I tried without success.

The text description is used by the legend, but doesn't appear in any field of the table (it looks like a property, only defined in the rest drawing info).



Drawing Info: Renderer: Unique Value Renderer:
Field 1: Code_18
Field 2: N/A
Field 3: N/A
Field Delimiter: ,
Default Symbol:


Default Label: N/A

      • Value: 111
        Label: 111: Continuous urban fabric


Thank you for your help

Roberto Rossi

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