Updating a Join to be used in a Web Experience

09-28-2023 02:25 PM
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I have built a fairly robust Web Experience that relies heavily on a single hosted feature layer and its attribute table, which is based on a joined hosted table.

This feature layer depicts survey respondents from a 3rd party platform, and over time we will need to add new points to the map representing new respondents.  The survey does not include reliable address data and so ideally we would create the geography manually.  When there are new respondents, I'm given a CSV of results that is formatted appropriately to join to my hosted Feature Layer. 

I have created a hosted feature layer view for this data.  My workflow is to manually create a new point for each new response in a hosted feature layer that is just points and a join field (because address data is unreliable), and then use that CSV to update the attributes.

Doing this via the Hosted Feature Layer View settings tab doesn't appear to work without address data. 

Trying to do it a bit more manually in a webmap, the problem is that when I run the join, the feature layer view will not update or overwrite - I am directed to create a new feature layer view with a new name.  which means everything in my Web Experience has to be rebuilt, which is okay once but not feasible 100 times over.

How should I navigate this situation, where a hosted feature layer needs to be updated regularly via a join and I can't use address data?

Thank you.    

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Hi @sgambrel_Bouldercounty

Could you relate the feature class and table using a relationship class rather than a join? 
Recent changes to AGOL allow you to create a pop-up and a form that allows you to view related records and edit related records. 


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