Update Data Feature giving file upload error

04-19-2024 12:16 PM
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I am trying to update and XLSX file I added to Arc GIS Online, and when I click "update, I get a pop-up to connect again to the original XLSX file. I get a response though that says "Error To update this item, you must upload a file named filename.xlsx." I uploaded it again, and yet still get this error message each time I try to update. Am I doing something wrong? It connects to a feature layer as well, should I just scrap the whole layer and restart entirely? 



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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Hi there,

One thing you can try is to ensure that the file you're uploading has exactly the same name as the original file, including any spaces or capitalization (Branch_locations.xlsx). Additionally, the file path can be important – make sure the file is in a location that ArcGIS Online can access during the update process. Also, verify that the structure of the Excel file hasn’t changed (the same columns and sheet names are crucial). Any alterations could cause a mismatch error.


I hope this helps!

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