Unlinking Organization Subscriptions

02-22-2024 10:47 AM
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We have an AGO organization with several subscriptions underneath it. We'd like to separate out these subscriptions into their own organizations so that their admins can administer their own licenses, named user creation, content management, credits, etc. Right now, everything's grouped together, so it'd be nice to split everything so we know who has X credits, who has Y number of named user accounts, and Z breakdown of Pro/extensions.

I'm acutely aware that GeoJobe can do this but for a cost and it would require a deployment of GeoJobe in each of the new orgs. Is there an approach that doesn't involve making more purchases? Is ArcGIS Assistant feasible for something like this? Looking for insights, success stories, any consequences, etc. Much of the documentation I came across is specifically about migrating content to other orgs, but we basically want to migrate the entire org.

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