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Unable to sync for joined view in ArcGIS Online

06-12-2024 12:52 PM
New Contributor III

Hi all,

We are having an issue enabling syncing for our joined views in ArcGIS Online. This is due to the joined feature layer being created with an ObjectID field with size of 64-bits. This is shown by the field having a length of 8 when checked in the service REST endpoint. (See here and here for more info.)





We suspect that this is a bug, as it means that we cannot use our joined views offline, causing blockers for us. (No syncing = no offline useage) Others have noticed this as well:

In particular, this causes layers to break for Field Maps if the layer is overwritten and already has syncing enabled. This means that any updated joined views in a Field Maps map do not display and instead cause the following error:


Are there any workarounds or planned fixes that anyone knows of?

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