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Timeline widget default state is active

4 weeks ago
New Contributor

Hello everyone!

I am trying to configure the timeline widget in Experience Builder (EXB) and noticed that the default initial state of the widget is (i) active and (ii) set to the earliest time period. This is a problem for me since the timeline widget is not shown first-hand to the users (the widget is in a button-activated view). Thus, when a user opens a layer, only data for the first year is shown. This could lead users (that won't necessary know that there is a timeline cursor in the app) to think that data is missing.


Does anyone know of a way to change one or both of these properties (either turn off the widget by default or span the whole timeline period by default)?

Also, case aside : The timeline widget activation button (on/off) being hidden in a pop-up window under the information  button is highly unintuitive for user to find.

Thanks for your help!

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I came here looking for the exact same thing or if it's been raised as an idea submission. I am unable to use the timeline widget until this is enabled. I'd like to be able to choose the default (either on/off) and for it to be easily switched on/off by the audience

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