Storing Data in ArcGIS Online

09-29-2023 02:53 PM
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My company has started to slowly to migrate in using ArcGIS Online/ArcGIS Pro from MapInfo. Someone suggested going the ArcGIS Online Route for storing the data. As I know it takes credits to store this data. So I was wondering with all the Data formats that ArcGIS Online Hosted Layer Formats can handle. Is it better to store each shapefile individually or store them all into a File Geodatabase and zip that up and place that into Hosted Feature. I want our data to be neat and organize. Why I feel a Geodatabase may be better since you lump the data into categories but I'm not sure if that's most Credit friendly option. 

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It depends if you want ArcGIS Online just purely for storage, or if you plan to have your data distributed within web maps and apps. 

I do not think uploading as a shapefile, or filegeodatabase will make a difference to the total size of the layer, as these will be turned into a Hosted Feature Layer.

I would recommend checking the following documentation to get an understanding of what the potental costs might be for your data.

It is also worth signing up to a trial for ArcGIS Online and testing an upload of your data to get confirmation of this.

Hope that helps!


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