SOAP API support within our ArcGIS Online Organisation

02-20-2024 05:36 AM
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We have an old application that uses SOAP to retrieve the services catalog from ArcGIS Server instances. I appreciate that the SOAP interface is deprecated but it still says in the documentation that there's no intention of removing it and we have no issues working against private instances of the latest ArcGIS Sever  (currently version 11.2)

We've recently published services on our ArcGIS Online Organisation with the intention of consuming them in our product. This results in services that have a code in the url which presumably uniquely identifies our organisation's space on a default hosting server. The rest endpoint for the services directory is as follows:<presumablyUniqueOrganisationCodeHere>/ArcGIS/rest/services

Unfortunately we've discovered that the SOAP interfaces don't seem to be supported on the default hosting server. It seems that any attempt to access the SOAP endpoint results in a redirect to the REST services page.

Even a request for the wsdl page shown below redirects to the rest services directory:<presumablyUniqueOrganisationCodeHere>/ArcGIS/services?wsdl

Is this the expected behaviour and if so, is there any way we can turn on support for the SOAP API within our organisation?


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