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Single Block Disappearing in Experience Builder from ArcGIS Pro

a month ago
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Hi everyone,

I'm working with CAD data in ArcGIS Pro. To improve performance, I typically edit the data in AutoCAD and create blocks. For example, if I have metro station data, I'll create a single block for each station. This keeps the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro much smaller – one record per station instead of thousands of features.

However, I've encountered an issue. When I upload my map to ArcGIS Online for use in Experience Builder, a single block disappears (it happend a few time on different layers). It's still visible in ArcGIS Pro and the attribute table in Experience Builder (although the "shape_length" field is empty), but it's not shown on the map.

Interestingly, if I explode the block in AutoCAD, share and upload it again to ArcGIS Pro, and then share it once more, the missing block appears correctly in Experience Builder. This leads me to believe the issue might be related to how blocks are handled during the upload process.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with single blocks disappearing in Experience Builder? Any suggestions on alternative approaches or workarounds to ensure all blocks display correctly, even if it means sacrificing some performance benefits?

Thanks in advance!

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