Setting or clipping map service to an area of interest

09-29-2022 01:07 AM
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I am trying to use some Living Atlas services in some applications. I would like to be able to set an area of interest and if possible clip a certain area so that users can only view that AOI. Is there a way so that users cannot pan out of a certain extents?


Bruce Burwell

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Hi @burwelbo 

You can set the AOI if the layers are saved in a web map, you can then access the settings of the web map and edit the extent to the desired location. 


You have a few options to set the extent when in the edit/set extent options outlined here - Configure map—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

I have included a screenshot of the UI below with the options on the left panel: 

UI.pngThere is a way to set the limit for zoom-out extent for a hosted feature service by setting the visible scale range in ArcGIS Online. This allows you to determine and change the scale at which a layer in your map is displayed, but this will not prevent the user from being able to pan or zoom in and out on the Web map.



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Blend modes in Map Viewer and use a 4.x web app like Experience Builder, Dashboards or Instant Apps.




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Both of these look like good solutions.

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Is it also possible to set up queries on Living Atlas data for just the data that falls within your defined area of interest?

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