Saving in Map Viewer corrupts layers with hatched symbols

11-30-2022 01:58 AM
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We are creating a map in AGOL with lots (about 25) layers.  There are many layers with hatched symbology.

I've created most of it in Classic Map Viewer.  However I need some of the functionality available in the new Map Viewer (setting up toggling layers for the users etc).  We were finding that at some point in the process 6 or so layers corrupted (the symbology of them changed from hatched to a solid fill).  There are other hatched layers that aren't affected.

By trial and error I've found it is at the point of saving the map in the new viewer that the layers corrupt.

Has anyone else come across this?

Thank you

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If you are using hatched symbols that you can pick from the style gallery in Map Viewer those are only supported in 4.x JSAPI apps like Experience Builder, Dashboards and Instant Apps. Bringing those hatched symbols to 3.x apps like  Map Viewer Classic and WAB will have those downgraded to a simple symbol because the older API apps do not support vector symbols.




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