Required field and calculated expression not working as intended?

04-19-2024 07:48 AM
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Hi all,

A form made with Field Maps designer includes an attribute "CODE" that is automatically calculated based on the nearest surrounding object. See example 7 from this blog. The field is set to required. When there is no surrounding object the field is empty and an Info box appears that states that the user has to place the point closer to an existing object.

In the mobile field maps app (iOS) this works fine: the attribute is calculated if an object is near and when it is not the info box appears and the form cannot be submitted.

When I do the same in a Web Map or with the Edit widget in ArcGIS Experience the attribute does calculate correctly, but when there is no surrounding object the Info box doesn't appear and more importantly I can still submit the form.

Is this a known limitation/ bug or am I doing something wrong? 

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I am having the same issue trying to do example 5 from that blog. When I hit update on the web map it just freezes when I hit create.  It works just like it should when updating via field map app.  

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