Problem publishing StoryMaps

08-11-2022 05:52 AM
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Everyone in our organisation who create StoryMaps are all of a sudden having a  publishing problem this morning. We receive the message "Sorry we are unable to publish your story". We have not made any changes to permissions, roles, sharing etc. Is anyone able to advise? Although we get this message the changes carried out on the various StoryMaps have been saved. The same thing happens when you try to duplicate a StoryMap i.e. "message says unable to duplicate StoryMap" but it actually does.


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I haven't tried publishing a StoryMap today but I put a Map Tour section in a draft StoryMap yesterday and it was working fine. However today it said the content had disappeared. When I tried to add the exact same feature layer in again for the Map Tour, it told me the layer wasn't supported. So seems like some odd glitches happening in AGOL today.

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