Origins to Destinations with multiple points along the way

09-29-2023 02:38 PM
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I am hoping to create a visual representation of a short supply chain network based around the chemical manufacturing of a specific chemical. I do not have any ESRI extensions, and our organization can not purchase any add-ons right now, so I am working either within Pro or ArcGIS online. 

I have used Origins to Destinations within Map Viewer Classic before to track the flow of waste from production places to waste recieving places (this was a map with two layers, and all went straight from origin to destination). 

My current project is more complex, as there are multiple origins, of this given chemical, and all of the origins of the various "ingredients" have multiple stops along the way to the single "destination" that being where the chemical of focus is actually produced. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to organize my data before even bringing into arcgis online, and also what functions to perform in map viewer classic to create a supply chain network visualization. Or if there are other ways to complete this without the Origin to Destination analysis, that does not cost extra money. 



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Hey Jill,

My understanding, is that you don't need the time and distance between your origin and destination, instead you are more interested in creating a visualization (line) that essentially connect your origins to all the waypoints and finally to their assigned destination. Is my understanding correct?



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