Organization Reports Units for Views, Logins and Requests

02-28-2024 05:40 AM
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I am being asked to provide some metrics about our ArcGIS Online usage to management.  I am looking at the dashboards in my organization I need to be to explain to a non-technical person what some of these metrics mean.  When looking at content, what counts as a view?  Is it every time a user looks at an item or every time it is opened in a web map or an app?  When I view total logins by app or member, how is a login defined?  If I am looking at the usage of a hosted feature layer, what is a request?  When looking at the usage for a map or dashboard, what counts as a view?  I have tried accessing these various items and refreshing to see how the counts change but I don't see consistent actions producing consistent changes in some of the counts that would clarify some of these for me.  Thanks for the help!

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