online geojson file to auto update?

03-25-2023 11:13 AM
New Contributor

Hi all

I have a geojson file i host on a web hosting service. This file is then updated every minute using a python program.

Can i add a link to the data to be used on a Web Map? I know i can add the file via link as a feature layer but it just loads the data but does not update.

I have a student version of Arcgis so i don't have access to enterprise features.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Where will you be using the layer? If you're working with the JavaScript API, you should be able to add it directly with If you'd like to use it more generally across products (e.g. add it to Pro), you might be better served by getting a free account from and adding it as a normal feature service. You could do this with e.g. the Python API, and then you can just plug into the other systems which well understand feature services.