My Government Services Solution Suddenly not Working

08-02-2017 07:26 AM
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This is our copy of the My Government Services Solution that has suddenly stopped working. I'm seeing the following:

init.js:192 Error: Failed to execute query. at Object.g.load (init.js:871) at init.js:191 at c (init.js:76) at d (init.js:76) at b.Deferred.resolve.callback (init.js:77) at c (init.js:76) at d (init.js:76) at b.Deferred.resolve.callback (init.js:77) at init.js:195 at k (init.js:199)


So I have no clue what's going on?! Does anyone have experience with this solution and know what might cause this sort of behavior?

I posted this originally to: 

But I received zero responses. I am hoping someone in this group knows what needs to happen.

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Hi Brian, I have no solution, but remember you should not have to post multiple times.  That just gets confusing and could start two posts with same answers.  Instead, just tag the other group with the @ and the group name, e.g.

Solutions    just tagged the other group.  I suggest you keep this one and delete the other post.  The other option would have been just moving (and editing if needed) with the instruction in Moving Content‌   Just some hints for next time.

edit:  BTW - I can open your site (FireFox 54.0), pan/zoom, etc., and I am not getting an error.  Where are you getting an error?

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The application is working for me now. But I took a look at your network traffic a moment ago when the app was failing and it showed that there was an error when the spatial query tried to return the geometry of your police divisions map service. Again, the app appears to be functioning normally but something to keep in mind if the issue occurs again.