Misaligned basemaps from Esri

02-20-2024 02:37 PM
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I recently returned to a project I had last worked on ten months ago and found that Esri's World Terrain Base has shifted beneath my data. It is now offset almost 30m to the southeast of where it was when I last exported these maps, which are set around the Portsmouth Harbor area in Maine. If you look at the Terrain With Labels  map in that area, you can see that the hillshade beneath no longer matches the shoreline contours suggested by the terrain basemap.

This appears to be a problem with all the other non-aerial basemaps apart from those provided by OpenStreetMap and the USGS. Looking through the Esri Vector Basemaps Reference Document (v2), it seems like Esri has recently switched providers for these maps from HERE to TomTom. Because of the consistency of the problem across basemaps, and the fact that I see the discrepancy both in my Pro project and in blank ArcOnline maps, I assume this is an error on the part of TomTom. I hope that Esri can remedy this quality issue quickly.

In the meantime, does anyone have a recommendation for a very minimalist basemap that shows the right waterline for New England? Thanks!

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