Map Viewer Measure Tool - No longer includes location/point search

08-12-2022 08:06 AM
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In the Web Map Viewer Classic, the measure tool had three types of searches (area, distance, and location).  The new Map View does not include location as an option.  We have had a lot of feed back requesting it be added back as a function.  There were several reasons for this but the most common was it is a very quick way to pull a location for referencing that was common across all apps.

Now that we are converting from Web AppBuilder to Experience Builder, that part of the measure tool is not available.  The Coordinate Conversion tool in Experience Builder is helpful but the older measure tool was very simplistic and was in the Web Map interface as well as the app.  We have users that use both web maps and the apps individually so having a common experience for this task was extremely helpful.  

Would it be possible to add location back to the measure tool?  

 measure tool location.PNG

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Hi! Thanks for your feedback! Location is still part of the Map Viewer, but it is in a separate tool from measure (Similar to Experience builder). It was separated out to offer more options when finding a location. 



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