Mao of the United Kingdom Projection

09-19-2023 03:20 PM
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Hello Everyone,


Please, I need to prepare a map for the study area of the United Kingdom, what is the correct projection to choose in ArcMap? Should I use WGS84 and 31 N ? Could anyone advise me please, many thanks. 

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There are a few you can use. I would say it depends on what the client wants.

You could try the National Grid of Great Britain - EPSG:27700 (not the best for Northern Ireland but grabs the 'big' island.

There are some ideas on this page: 

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Many thanks for all your kind support and help. 

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Greetings @BanQasim 

I totally agree with my fellow Aggie @AdrianWelsh  (I'm class of 81 - Gig'em)  BNG (EPSG:27700) is the Coordinate system to use for mapping GB.  Here is some additional documentation should you require further detail:  UK Geospatial Data Standards Register, and, from Wikipedia, Ordnance Survey National Grid.  If you really are into Geodesy and Positioning you will appreciate A Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain.

Hope the above helps.

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Miguel Paredes, many thanks for all your kind support and help.