Issue with Field Maps Inspection Workflow

3 weeks ago
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Hi there!

I am attempting to set up Field Maps so it can use a related table to create multiple inspections per a specific feature. I am using the Hydrant Inspection videos as a basis but am having some difficulty with the instructions.

I have been following the steps from this video. For some reason my related table is not...relating. Not sure what I am doing wrong since I am following the video to a T. When I open my map up in Field Maps it only shows "content options" for the original attributes for the parent FC and none of the attributes needed for the related inspection table.

The joined layer is also listed under layers within Field Maps, but is greyed out (and not present in example from the video). It also does not allow me to create a new record within the related table in Field Maps (mobile). It only says that the joined layer's records will appear when they are added (in the Field Maps app). 

Anyone think they might be able to help me figure this out? 




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