Is it possible to visualize web tile layer above web feature layer ?

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Hello, I'm trying to create 3D web scene with scene viewer and I want to visualize raster layer (which is not supposed to be a basemap) on top of a polygon vector layer. I've set the order of the layers in the "Layers" pane (as shown bellow) but the raster layer is still showing bellow the vector layer. 


I've also tried to create the same map but in 2D (via Map Viewer). But if I try to add the raster layer in "Layers" pane I get this error: 

  • The layer, 'Kernel_3000_50', is not compatible with the current basemap. To add the layer, add it to the map as the basemap.

It seems like it is not possible to add raster layer other than basemap. Can someone please help me to figure this out ? What am I doing wrong ? Is it even possible to create web scene like this ?

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Hello Tomáš, in this case the raster layer is in a different projection system from the basemap and so cannot be added to the Map Viewer.

I would check the basemap item listing and see what the map projection is. Under best metadata practices this should be listed under the description as seen below.



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