How to Measure the Average Width of an Irregular Shaped Polyon

04-15-2024 10:16 AM
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I am working on a project that requires me to calculate the average width of an irregular shaped polygon. More specifically, I need to calculate the average width of a streamside forest on one side of the stream. I am able to create the polygon shape that represents the total area of the streamside forest but do not how to calculate the average width of the polygon from there. The width is relative to the stream (i.e. the stream is the starting point and the width is measured from the top of the stream bank). I understand I can add various width measurement points along the stream and calculate the average width from there but I need a high degree of accuracy. The stream section I'm measuring is 0.61 miles (3,247.17 feet).

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Hi @VPCPlanningZoning,

Based on the information, if I have this correctly, is you are trying to identify the width of the forest using the stream to determine the average width of the forest. If that is the case, then you can easily split the polygon into several smaller polygons by dividing the polygon into several smaller parts, convert the layer to a polyline feature using the feature to line tool, split each polyline feature by the vertices, and then get all line features that are identical, and get the average lengths of the intersecting segments to give you a more accurate estimate of the average width with greater accuracy.

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