How to linked 360 degrees imagery with GPS tracked and Map on private

11-29-2023 06:50 PM
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I am looking for a viewer software that links the video acquired by 360 degrees Action Cam with a map.

1) Map-linked viewer software that supports 360° video (viewer for drive recorder as an image)
2) Software like Google Street View (can be set to private)

I am not looking for a software like Google Street View, which is open to the whole world when uploaded, because we want to use it for private purposes.

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Here are two user-friendly tools designed to seamlessly and securely integrate 360° video into your ArcGIS workflows:

1. VidGeo for ArcGIS

 Key Features:

  • Stream video securely from your private server (e.g., AWS).
  • Visualize in ArcGIS for efficient asset visualization and feature collection/update.
  • Capture entire project sites with just one person using a 2D or 360° camera.

   Learn more: VidGeo



2. GeoTube for ArcGIS

Key Features:

  • Visualize in YouTube, analyze in ArcGIS.
  • Streamline project site sharing within ArcGIS using a 2D or 360° camera.

Learn more: GeoTube

GeoTube Capture 8 29.JPG


Additional Geoprocessing Tools: Included are video and photo collection workflows with these tools:

  1. Geotagged Videos to Polylines:

    • Convert geotagged videos into polylines representing their paths.
    • Compatible with Nodeology's geo-immersive video widgets.                                                                          
  2. Extract Geotagged Video Frames:

    • Generate video frames from geotagged videos based on time and/or distance intervals.
    • Compatible with standard and 360 videos.                                                                                                             
  3. Append Geotagged Videos:

    • Integrate geotagged videos seamlessly into existing solutions.
    • Simplify continuous updates and publishing of geotagged videos.                                                           
  4. Append Geotagged Photos to Points:

    • Combine geotagged photos with ArcGIS data effortlessly.
    • Specifically tailored for 360° imagery compatibility.

Demo and Contact: Reach out to me at for a personalized demo.



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