How to click on points under a polygon without code

01-30-2023 04:07 PM
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I will preface by saying I have never used this product before, nor do I code. I saw other threads about creating an html code. I was tasked with creating a map of our sales territories and accounts. I created polygons as the territories, and I uploaded our accounts as mapped points. We want to be able to click on the individual accounts, but doing so we can only click on the polygons despite layering the points on top. Is this accomplishable without code? Thanks in advance

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A simple fix to this would be to disable pop ups<> for your polygon layer. I would also configure your pop ups on your points layer to get it to display the fields you want and how you want. This would not result in populating the point attributes when you click on the polygon however, in case that's what you're after. If so, then I believe some kind of coding would be required and / or I just don't know how to do that. But this would at least allow you to click on the points while evading the unwanted polygon attribute info.
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With your polygon layer selected in map viewer, open the pop-up configuration from the pane on the right hand side and toggle the enable pop-ups button to the off position.



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