Getting a USA flood map layer to only show 1 state

02-19-2024 11:13 AM
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I am trying to get the USA Flood Hazard Areas to show only those in Texas. The attribute table does not have a state category where I could filter by state. 

I tried to do analysis > overlay layers> and picked the USA Flood Hazard Areas and a Texas geographical boundary. After it ran, there's no results in the attribute table for the new layer. 

Is there a better way to approach this? 

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Did you try the "clip" tool?

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No I did not. I will try that - thank you!

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Are you using the imagery or the feature layer version?

One way you can solve this is by using blend modes in Map Viewer. Here is a sample I tossed together using the imagery version and I removed the not mapped values under layer styling:



I created this clipped area by have these three operational layers grouped in a group layer and in this order


Then on the TX_state layer I set the blend mode to destination Atop under the layer properties panel



and then you are set.


It will also work for the feature layer version. Here I applied a bloom and a drop shadow to the FL version to make it pop against the imagery layer.