Field Aliases not showing as Display Name in Map Viewer

04-12-2024 12:35 PM
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I've published a feature layer to ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Pro and when I go into the item's Data tab, the field aliases automatically display instead of the field names. When I go to the Visualization tab and go to the layer's Fields settings, the aliases aren't there and the field name is the display name.

I will have to overwrite the feature layer often as the data is updated (not using Enterprise) and I'm afraid it'll go back to the field name instead of alias. I don't want to have to update all of the display names every time I update the layer. Any ideas how to get the aliases to show as the display name?

Possibly related... when overwriting this layer (still via Pro0, things that never used to change during an overwrite are now reverting back to their initial state when first published:

  • feature layer title
  • thumbnail image

I have the Item Details set to "use the item description from the web layer" in the Overwrite settings so I'm not sure what's up there. 

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